Personal Brands Development

Personal Brands Development

Tipe of Service

A High Quality Brand and Website build and increase your credibility.

When people Google you, what do they find? Anything less than an impressive online presence that clearly articulates the value you have to offer is a missed opportunity.
It's time to let your image and website make that amazing first impression that will propel your career and business to the next level.
My passion is turning ideas into vision to help creatives and entrepreneurs find their way forward.
Building outstanding brands for a world full of noise.
  • Build your credibility
  • Attract your ideal clients.
  • Help you stand out in a way that feels right to you.
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Even if you...

  • You think that nobody is looking for you or if you don't like to talk about yourself (let your website do it for you - 24/7).
  • You are not good at self-promotion or networking (you can still stand out online though).
  • You prefer your hard work to speak for itself (your online presence allows you to reach a larger audience than you would otherwise).
  • You have a referral-based business or relationship (research indicates that people are more likely to refer people who have a high-quality website).

How we work together

1) Brand strategy and positioning

Once your initial deposit has been paid, we'll book your 2-6 week personal branding project onto our calendars so you know exactly what happens in each process.
You'll then receive a questionnaire and set of assessments to complete before our deep-dive 3-hour brand strategy session, where we'll get to know you and what you want to be known for.

2) Brand Blueprint & Style Guide

In addition to the information you've given us, we do our own research to understand the audience you want to influence, as well as the competition in your field.
With all this data, we make a strategic decision on how to position your personal brand and develop a personalized Brand Plan for you.
Once you've had a chance to review our draft, we'll meet to answer any questions you have about the choices we've made and take your feedback before finalizing.

3) Copywriting

Now that we have a clear direction for your brand, we'll start writing the content for the main pages of your website.
If you would like additional thought leadership content (blog posts, videos, white papers, etc.) to be included when your website goes live, you will submit it to us during this step of the process.

4) Photo Session, Images & Videos

To create a powerful visual narrative that amplifies your written brand story, you'll be invited to a fully directed half-day photo shoot.
We'll provide you with a photo shoot plan in advance, including a photo checklist and guidance on what outfits and accessories to bring, so you can feel fully prepared.
Companies or entrepreneurs that require videos and/or stock images, this is also the process where we exhaust all these digital options.

5) Web Design and Development

We'll integrate a selection of the best photos from your shoot, your brand's visual design elements, along with copy we've written and any articles a state-of-the-art professional has chosen to write.
We use (WordPress, Feather-Notion and Squarespace)
Once you've had a chance to review your draft of the website, we'll meet to answer any questions you have about the choices we've made and take your feedback before finalizing. We will also send you the second and final invoice for your project.

Publication and Delivery of the Project

Once your final payment has been made, we will meet to transfer ownership of the website to you and walk you through the process of purchasing your account, connecting your domain/url, setting up your website's privacy policy (as required local laws).
And making your website live (although it can take 24-72 hours for changes to propagate across the web).
Our team is also happy to show you how you can easily make updates to your site in the future (add a blog, update your bio, etc.)
Also, if necessary and the client requires it, we can work with personal plans to update, protect and maintain your new digital project.
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