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About client: Asia by Asian Market

One of (if not only) the most authentic Asian restaurant is all Dominican Republic. Asia was created for the purpose of showing Santo Domingo what real asian food is like. From Japanese dishes, Taiwanese, Chinese to Korean food. Thanks to Amazing international chef Miguel Lopez. 

Food Photography for Social Media Marketing

We aim to portrait the vibrant colors and textures to incite hunger and inspire immediate purchase. We believe in good copywriting, but no copywriting will inspire more than a great picture of delicious food! 

Why do Content Marketing for your restaurant

Elevate Attraction

Let’s be honest, the competition out there is HUGE. Having a good presentation is not a thing you should consider, at this point it’s a MUST. It will still differentiate you from your competition and it will showcase your delicious dishes and drinks. ⠀⠀

Make your followers hungry

Consumers and viewers are very attracted to content that fulfills their basic needs, such as good looking delicious food. This can help your presence online! It’s important that your own target is #SharingYourContent and talking about you.

Great for content strategy

The first impression is always the most important and what’s a better impression than neat, quality content. NOW, having good photography (no matter your product/service) it does NOT automatically mean this will lead you to SALES. 

Content that sales by itself

This should always be your main purpose! Social Media is just another tool that can be used to advertise yourself, but in order to generate sales and stay  relevant #MarketingStrategy is still necessary.

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