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Anthony De La Rosa
Branding Logo & Identity
Web Design
Notion Website

Light & Modern Logo Design

We had the pleasure to help them create their branding and website. Not to be narcissistic, but we fell in love with the work we did! They’re currently a growing company that offer multiple development services for businesses in all areas and at the same time serve as a directory for the Dominican Republic.

💻 Online Store

Collection system integrated with credit cards and paypal, both on the page and mobile application.

🤖 Hosting

Domain and integrated, fast and secure hosting.

📱 IOS & Android App

Integrated application, which communicates with the web page. Database and protection system.

🚙 Speed and Minimalism

Html5 y Bootstrap
notion image
notion image
Our client is making the transition from WordPress to notion, sacrificing a little in the design area but gaining incredible power in which it will manage directories through databases, easy to do and easy to search. We will include here once the project is finished.